This nine-day festival celebrates the creativity of San Francisco students with exhibits and performances at the Asian Art Museum in Civic Center Plaza from Saturdav, March 15 to Sunday, March 23, 2014.  All events are free and open to the public.

Congratulations to the Alamo Friendship Chorus on their fine performance Monday March 17th and to the Alamo students who are exhibiting work!
Deborah Hoch’s 3rd grade/Ceramic dwellings:
Room 205 – Jennifer Wu, Clara Ng, Jessica Lee, Katya Levinton
Room 206 Luke Stephens, Kayla Tung, Katelyn Kwong, Chiara Speaks
Room 213 – Sophie Alemayehu, Frankie Choi, Tiffany Liang, Khuslen Batzorig
Room 217 – Sydney Lopin, Travis Yu, Lupahn Hill, Jamin Gee
Deborah Hoch’s 5th grade/Little Boxes:
Room 209 – Kiara Arellano, Shivaji, Eva Persuk
Room 211 – Keana Lee, Nadia Grishanian, Aaron Liu
Leslie Laurence’s 2D art students
Room 215  – Jerry Tam
Room 212 – Amanda Zhong
Room 214 – Christopher Kawaguchi
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