Guide for Shop-To-Earn Fundraising

Alamo Shop To Earn Programs

Make your everyday spending go farther for your school and support companies that donate to Alamo! Encourage your relatives, friends and co-workers to do so as well. They do not need to live in San Francisco to sign up. Last year Alamo earned over $9,000 from these programs and we hope to do even better this year.

Take 5 minutes now and enroll in Alamo’s Shopping Programs like Amazon and eScrip.

If you have any questions, have a fundraising idea or would like to join the shop-to-earn fundraising team, contact Judy at



SHOP Alamo is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program- the leading selling program on the Internet. To access Alamo’s shopping link, just go to, save the bookmark, and Alamo will get a little back for everything- Prime users, monthly users and/or gift card purchases.


alamo escrip icon

eSCRIP: Register your credit/debit card and retail cards for merchants like Cal Mart, Lucky, and local restaurants like Sunset Reservoir, Yuubi, Sakesan, Pancho’s will also earn up to 10% for Alamo.  Download the eScrip Benefit app and all gift card purchases will give 20% to Alamo! Earn up to 10%, or more for Alamo!


alamo label Cute, colorful, extra durable, waterproof sticky and clothing labels. With more than 100+ icons (including Disney and Marvel icons), 30 colors, 5 fonts. Great for use on everything your child can drop, throw, lose or leave behind.  10% off your purchase PLUS 10% to Alamo! Visit and use promo code: ALAMOPTA.


alamo shoparoo iconSHOPAROO
(mobile app): Shop any grocer, supercenter, club store, dollar store, drugstore, convenience mart or pet supply store and simply snap a photo of the receipt with Shoparoo and earn money for Alamo. Download the free application and get started




alamo sloatSLOAT: When you buy at any Sloat garden center during their Growing Up Green Fundraiser dates, tell the cashier that you are a member of the “Alamo ES community in SF”.  After the first collective $100 spent, Alamo earns a percentage of the total back in the form of a gift card which will be used for gardening supplies.



alamo sportsbasement iconSPORTS BASEMENT: Sign up for the Basementeer program and tie all your purchases to Alamo Elementary School to receive 10% discount, PLUS Sports Basement will give a percentage of all Basementeer purchases back to Alamo!




alamo boxtop iconBoxTops For Education:
For every pink BoxTop you collect Alamo gets 10¢!! Buy your favorite BoxTops products—think cereal, plastic bags, even printer paper. Cut out the pink BoxTop. Put single BoxTops in the collection can in the office OR collect 25 on the BoxTops Collection sheet and return to the office. Learn more at




alamo schoola iconSchoola: This San Francisco based company turns adorable outgrown clothes into money for schools! Donate gently used children’s clothing at our annual clothing drive OR order a bag online anytime. 40% of the proceeds from each sale are donated to Alamo. Check it out at






Blue Fin Sushi: When you dine-in, 10% will be donated to the Alamo PTA.  Remember to write “Alamo” on your check. 1814 Clement St. (between 19th and 20th Ave)  Phone: (415) 387-2441



alamo Gaspare iconGaspare’s Pizza House and Italian Restaurant: When you dine in or take-out, 10% will be donated to the Alamo PTA. Remember to write “Alamo Elementary School” on your receipt at check out. 5546 Geary Blvd (between 19th & 20th Ave.) Phone: (415) 387-5025.



alamo sakanabune iconSakana Bune Sushi Bar
: When you dine at this Japanese restaurant and present the Alamo coupon, 15% of your check will be donated to enrichment programs at Alamo Elementary School. Coupons are located in the school office. 5701 Geary Blvd. (corner of Geary and 21 Ave.) 415-387-8561




alamo square1Square 1 Art:
Turn art projects into collectibles in a private catalog.  Square 1 provides materials and instructions and creates a catalog of personalized calendars, keepsakes, and apparel for each student in your class.  30% of purchases will be donated back to the school during our school scheduled fundraiser.  But if you need more one-of-a-kind presents, shop at Square 1 Art throughout the year, and Alamo will receive 15% of all profits.