Chinese School at Alamo (CSA)

Chinese School at Alamo operates independently from Alamo Elementary School.  Our on-site program is managed by The Richmond Neighborhood Center to provide after‐school language and cultural enrichment for children.

Our Goals: Make learning Chinese fun and interesting.  Provide Cantonese and Mandarin language instruction.  Teach the students Chinese culture, heritage, and history.

Hours of our program: Monday through Friday from 2:45 pm to 5:45 pm.

Hiring Needs

We are hiring for an Assistant Program Director and additional Group Leaders/Tutors.

Summary of essential job functions are listed below. Both positions are seasonal and follow the SFUSD school year calendar.

Assistant Program Manager

The Assistant Program Manager implements and facilitates a range of academic, wellness, and
social-emotional educational programming and activities. You will work with a team of collaborative colleagues and help to foster a community of learning, growth, and equity. Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Manage day-to-day operations of the CSA program
    • Direct supervision of staff
    • Ensure safety and supervision of students at all times
  • With the language instruction teachers and group leaders, help design and implement a meaningful program that meets the needs of students
  • Coordination of training for all staff (safety, policy/procedures, homework motivation)
  • Coordinate and attend CSA special events
  • Consistently communicate program news and updates to parents and guardians
  • Hold regular and consistent staff meetings with teachers and group leaders to plan language instruction and enrichment activities as well as to resolve any program issues and receive feedback

● High School Diploma/Equivalent
● Currently enrolled in higher education institutions
● Fluent in either Cantonese or Mandarin

● Former SFUSD Student
● AA/48 college credits
● BA degree
● Related Experience

Group Leader

Group leaders will provide homework and academic support during the after school program from Monday to Thursday. Group leaders will design and implement activities based on a monthly theme for Friday Enrichment Days.

  • Assist students with their daily homework.  Provide academic support as needed.
  • Supervise the students and maintain their safety.
  • Maintain the classroom and shared site space in a clean and well kept manner after
  • Monitor and maintain student progress and behavior.
  • Timely completion of incident reports and homework progress logs.
  • Assumes additional responsibilities as assigned by the site coordinator.
  • Attends regular staff meetings.
  • Create and maintain curriculum for activities on Friday Enrichment Days.

If you feel we are a right fit, please email your cover letter and resume to with the position and site in the subject.