Dear Alamo Families,

Thank you for the 200+ Alamo community members who participated in our
Back-To-School Picnic on Sunday, September 21st.

We had a lot of fun eating the various Pot-Luck foods, playing field games
and seeing who won the Cook-Off competition. Special thanks goes out to
the Field Game Leaders: Michael Simpson, Mike Tortorelli, Mr. Harris and
Ms. Murphy as well as Francesca Vass for use of her pick-up truck. Thank
you also to Patty Yuen who took photos and made the beautiful picnic poster
that’s now hung near the PTA bulletin board. More pictures are posted on
the so check them out!

If you LOVED the picnic and want to get involved next year, please come to
the Post-Picnic meeting on Friday, October 10th, 8:45-9:15 am, Library. We
will be talking about lessons learned and determining which creative,
organized, community oriented volunteers want to run the event next year.

If you can’t attend, but have ideas for us—please email us directly.

Thank you!

Christine Wang Morris

Tal Palman