Ceramics with Debra Hoch

Alamo ceramics artist-in-residence Deborah Hoch is a working mixed-media sculptor with a strong focus in ceramics. Since graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1986, she has exhibited throughout California and taught adults and children in numerous Bay Area arts institutions, including the San Francisco public schools. The ceramics curriculum at Alamo focuses on hands-on, experiential learning. Projects for Kindergarten through 3rd grade are designed to gradually build skills and lead to a deeper understanding of this tactile, earthy material and it’s myriad creative possibilities.

“As a lifelong artist and a teacher since 1990, I know the value of creative expression for people of all ages. For kids in particular, exploration and mastery of new skills and materials builds self-esteem, improves fine motor skills and helps develop a child’s sense of who they are in relation to the world around them. Starting a creative life young gives a child the tools and curiosity that will serve them for a lifetime.”


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