In an effort to reduce paper and save trees, we’ve converted our monthly newsletter, Alamo Matters, all PTA, Foundation, school, and school district communications to electronic bi-monthly messages. This way, you’ll receive the most updated information on what’s happening at school. The Parent Google Group will still be available to exchange information.

Please register all the email addresses that wish to subscribe to this form of communication through this link,

Besides protecting our environment, we will also save money! Each sheet of paper you receive in the red envelope represents about (1) ream of paper (500 sheets)! Here are some statistics to consider:

Thank you for helping us save money, labor and our environment by signing up for Alamo’s electronic newsletter and communications

  • SAVE (5) reams (2500 sheets) of paper a week; 10,000 sheets of paper a month; 370,000 sheets of paper per school year!
  • SAVE Alamo about $5,000 (740 reams of white/color paper a year)!
  • SAVE between 30-40 trees!
  • SAVE about $2,000 on photocopying costs!
  • By reducing photocopying we will also reduce our electricity bill!
  • REINVEST the $7,000 we saved to other school needs!
  • REDIRECT volunteer hours to other needed areas by not spending time photocopying and filling red envelopes!
  • Communication will be fresh, up-to-date, and more efficient!

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