Dear Friends and Families of Alamo our librarians are asking for help with shelving books. Please donate any available time to keep our kids reading. Stop in and see Colette Lafia (Monday or Tuesday) or Elizabeth Hyatt (Wednesday) for...

PTA Liaison

PTA Liaison. This is a new position our PTA is looking to fulfill to enhance communication between the PTA and our community. PTA liaisons can serve either their classrooms or the whole grade. This role will include-encouraging families to...

PTA Bulletin Board Manager

PTA Bulletin Board Manager. We love when our PTA Bulletin Board is up-to-date and decorated. This position includes posting flyers of events, information, meeting notes, pictures, and more. We also encourage some decoration for holidays and special occasions. Using...

PTA Store Manager

PTA Store Manager. Interested in running the PTA store. Activities include monthly sales of merchandise, ordering new merchandise and more. If you are interested, please email us at

Grant Writer

Grant Writer. There is an immediate need for grant writers to obtain additional funding for various programs and other enrichment opportunities at Alamo. Please contact Lily Wong at if you are interested in learning more.