Once again the Alamo community got into the Halloween spirit and came together
to make our 33rd annual Carnival a fantastic time for all!  A big thank you to the many people who donated their time, delicious foods, many supplies and money to the effort!
Special thanks to the following people as well:

–  The carnival room parents, RDASC, and Chinese School for operating the booths

–  The ticket team parents
–  Janice Fung and Alfred Li for graphic designs and translation
–  Sibi Apolinar and Stephanie Speaks for organizing and digging through storage
–  The set up crew – WOW, you guys worked hard!
–  Rowena Tong and Francis Lee for coming back and working cotton candy!!!!
–  The toys and books sorting team and Betty Lee
–  Elizabeth Meeks, volunteer wrangler
–  Deb Robinson, power cord wrangler
–  Judy Lim, prize coordinator
–  Jonathon Travis, Recology liason +
–  The clean up crew – WOW! again
–  Venus and Eduardo, our custodians
–  Principal Fong, Shellie Weiner, and the Alamo Staff
–  and many more…..
AND, congratulations to the winner of Alamo’s first annual pumpkin carving contest, Amr Gebrail, 4th grader from room 214!  Way to go Alamo students – we had excellent voter turn-out!