A message from Rowena Tong, Carnival Chair

That would describe Alamo community’s collaborative efforts when it comes
to the Annual Halloween Carnival!  It’s truly impressive how EVERYONE
participates by volunteering their time, donating food (LOTS of it!) and/or
money, AND making sure the kids have a good time.

Kudos to:

– Carnival Room Parents, RDASC, and After School Chinese Program for
anAMAZING job organizing and running the stations
– Andrew Paulsen and team for running the Invest in Alamo booth
– Robin Thompson and Alison Murdock for working out finances and ticketing
– Principal Fong and Alamo teachers for your patience and flexibility with
Carnival operations
– Custodians, Eduardo and Jose, for going the extra mile on this day
– Individuals who took on extra tasks to make the day go smoothly (too many
to list)

…and special thanks to Sequoia Realty for sponsoring our 2012 Carnival by
setting up a photo booth and providing Alamo School with a generous cash

Cheers to Wendi Digerness and Robin Thompson who have agreed to take the
lead for Carnival 2013! So much fun working with everyone!  Many, many thanks!

Rowena Tong (Kiana Gee, 5th grade)

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