The Friends of Alamo School Foundation (FASF) is a parent and teacher organization supporting the educational enrichment of Alamo Elementary students.  FASF works hand in hand with the Alamo PTA.

The mission of FASF is to raise funds for enrichment programs:

  1. To finance programs that are either not funded by SFUSD or receive minimal funding. These programs include: physical education, music, art, literacy, and computer science and technology.
  2. To provide teachers and staff with the necessary and appropriate support needed to give exceptional instruction to all of Alamo’s students.
  3. To provide leadership in encouraging and supporting excellence in public education.

FASF was established in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We are governed by a board of directors of parents and teachers.


2016-2017 FASF Board of Directors

  • President      Elizabeth Meeks
  • Treasurer      Jennifer Erskine Ogden
  • Secretary      Christopher Wright
  • Director        Janice Fung
  • Director        Sean Glaub
  • Director        Kenji Iida
  • Director        Stephanie Kwan Speaks
  • Director        Susie Lee Legaspi
  • Director        Patricia & Dan Lui
  • Director        Natalie Notaney
  • Director        Robin Thompson
  • Director/Teacher     Pamela Lim 
  • Director/Teacher     Betty Liu       
  • Director/Teacher    Joseph Siedman

If you’d like to know more about FASF, please contact any of our members listed above, or send an email to We welcome your questions, feedback and suggestions.

Friends of Alamo School Foundation Tax ID #: 94-3255075